Hello everyone. I've been on Lutera for several months, but I've been pretty bad at taking my pills on time. Usually when I'm late I'll just take it several hours later, but sometimes I would forget to take them for a few days. The last time I completely forgot to take my pills for two days was a week and a half or so ago, although I was late in taking a few pills since then (5 or so hours on the first day and 1 hour the next). I haven't been sexually active so I didn't bother throwing away my current packs and starting a new one like I'm supposed to. On the 31st of this month (July) I'll be visiting my boyfriend. I'll be starting placebo pills tomorrow and by the time I get to see my boyfriend I would have had my period and been on the pills for 11 days. How protected will I be by then? Do you guys think I'll be safe enough to have sex without condoms at that point? Thanks everyone.