My boyfriend and I are in a monogamous relationship, I have just started my third month of birth control pills as of Sunday (ortho 0.5/35). My boyfriend and I usually always use condoms because of my diagnosed anxiety and constant worry I'll become pregnant when I'm not ready to have a baby. Today however, we had sex unprotected for the first time. I wiped off the pre-cum, and he did not ejaculate in me, as we stopped before he ended up ejaculating on his own stomach. I was on my placebo week until Sunday, so as of today when it happened I would've had two active pills in me for the third pack. Before that, I had stomach flu while on my last week of active birth control pills, and only threw up for one day (and then I threw up again 2 days later in the morning). I believe I only threw up 5+ hours after consuming my pill, which I'm pretty sure was not thrown up as it was in my stomach for 5+ hours going into my bloodstream, and it did not cause me to spot. My question is, should I purchase Plan-B pills? I'm no way ready for a child and I just need an answer or some reassurance on what to do. Thank you!