So I've been on birth control for about 5 months now. Tuesday I threw up 20 minutes after taking my pill (at the normal time I take it like usual). My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. I realized Sunday night that throwing up meant I missed my pill, and i didn't double up the day I missed it because it never crossed my mind. It was in my 2nd week of the pack. He never came inside me. As soon as I realized I was unprotected (Sunday night was when I realized it) I took an ECP just yo be sure, but it was 3 days after the first time we had sex. How likely is it that I could still get pregnant? I've never missed a pill before this, either. So how should I go about the rest of my pack? Would I still take my inactive pills? Or go to a new pack instead? And if I skip my inactive pills and start a new pack would I still get my period that week?