i'll try to keep this as short and simple as possible. please help i need an answer!!
i finished my first pack of birth control pills on friday, and then should have gotten my period within the next few days but still have not.
i know i'm supposed to wait until i get my period and until its over to start taking the next pack but what if i don't get it?? i just started the pill so i know its going to take some time to get regular. basically all i'm asking is how long am i supposed to wait to start taking the next pack? do i wait until i get my period, which could take days or weeks, or start taking it again once the week is over? my birth control only has 21 pills which means no sugar pills... so i'm not sure when to start taking it again. i was spotting a couple days ago for like 2-3 days, like when my period was supposed to start. i also had cramps the first day the spotting started but thats it and i'm not sure what to do.
please help me!! thanks so much