About 5 months ago my doctor changed me to a new birth control the ortho tri cyclen because I was having such bad acne. but ever since switching to the new birth control I have been having problems with bleeding. Like I am not supposed to have any periods except for one period a year when I stop taking the active pills but at one point I was bleeding for over a month. then recently I started bleeding again even though I am on the active birth control pills and should not be having a period. also, my periods are now really heavy and last a long time, like a week two weeks in length when before they lasted maybe three to four days at most. I don't know what is going on. I don't know if I should keep using these birth control pills the ortho tri cyclen or switch birth control pills again. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? and does anyone know if this is just a side effect of switching birth control pills? any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.