i have been taking the pills for about two plus years now, a couple different brands but constant intake. this week of 9/22 2014 through the 28th is the sugar pill week so i in turn just don't take those pills. My boyfriend and i were intimate and the condom broke, this was on Tuesday the 23rd. it is now Friday and i still have not gotten my period and im not sure i should be really freaking out yet or not. the next day in the early morning we went and even bought me an emergency contraceptive pill for added protection since one didn't work out.
for some background info my periods while on the pill have been crazy to say the least. sometimes they are only for a day in the middle of the week, sometimes the whole time, and lately (the last few months) they have started on Thursday or Friday and lasted till the Sunday of the week.
And i know that birth control has worked before in the past because during the middle of the packs when the 'ovulation' would be happening, we have had not as protected intercourse before and no problems.
I'm just really worried about it but ive read so many things that say sometimes having intercourse close to the time of your period can cause it to be a little later than normal. And then i also consider the previous 'close calls' where i didn't get pregnant.
please if you have any idea what could be happening or any advice or maybe some 'calm down' comments it would be very appreciated. im not even 20 yet and i know if i was to be pregnant it would NOT be a good situation.