I started taking birth control pills about 2 days after my period ended, and I read that it will take 7 days for them to work and actually prevent pregnancy. However, doesn't birth control stop ovulation from even happening? I was wondering, what if I was already about to ovulate when I started taking birth control pills? For example if I took birth control on day 8 and I ovulate around day 12-15, so I would only have gone through 4-7 pills by that day. Would the pills still stop ovulation from happening? If they don't and I still ovulate, will I still get pregnant if I have sex after 7 pills? For example what if I ovulate on day 15, which is the day I take my 7th pill. Sorry for all the questions! Just not sure how it all works and would like to hear about how it actually prevents pregnancy if taken after my period has already ended.