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Birth Control - Is it possible for me to be preg even if I alwys take my pills everyday?

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kaismama 25 Sep 2013

If you are taking your pills correctly you have only a 1% chance of pregnancy.

sitjhu 25 Sep 2013

Tnx 4 da reply so does it mean that my periods are gna come cause am late and i had them last month

DzooBaby 25 Sep 2013

Your period can come anytime during the fourth week, even on the last day. Just start your new pack when it is due no matter what your body is doing. On occasion, you may skip a period or just have light spotting and that is all. If you miss two periods in a row, you should test and consult the gynecologist.

sitjhu 25 Sep 2013

It is so suprisingly how one body can wrk for all this month than change in within... Tnx for the help guys i was starting to be scared

DzooBaby 25 Sep 2013

By Kaismama telling you a 1% chance of pregnancy if taken correctly she means every single day at around the same time of day (give or take an hour each way of the time you pick) the more you vary from this, the less effective the pill becomes. If you are often late taking pills or you miss pills and do not use back up, the percentage drops to 94-96% the more you miss, the lower it can drop. Average use is about 96-98% effective (this is with the occasional late pill or missed pill made up and using back up for seven days) If you take them perfectly effectiveness can be 99.9%. Taking antibiotics can also decrease effectiveness and condoms should be used as back up the whole time you are on the antibiotics and for seven days after you finish the last one. This is one of the biggest reasons for birth control pill failure-not using back up when appropriate and missing doses. free discount card

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