Hey! I had a few simple questions, and was seeking some simple assurances. Me and my girlfriend recently had sex just a few days ago, probably four times the entire duration of 7 days. She is actively on birth control, and has been for the past five months. She switched birth control at the start of January, but completed the cycle of her last prescription. -- We only ever had unprotected sex, once. I wasn't inside of her longer than a few seconds, and that was due to fear. Everything has been oral. Anyways.
What I'm asking is; ks it possible for her to be pregnant with the birth control and Plan B, active in her system and no form of full climax inside of her? We had protected sex with a condom the other three times. She took the inactive pills, placebo. (Spelling check. ) the morning after, along with the Plan B. I assume she will miss her period, and so forth. I'm just looking for any help possible. Thanks!