So I'm on birth control pills ( Viorele) and I'm on day 3 of the second week but I've been late on taking my pill at the same time for weeks now. Some times I'll forget and take it 6,7,or 8pm when I'm suppose to take it 8am..I don't take week 4 of my birth control havent since my last period in January me and my boyfriend don't have protected sex and now I'm spotting going on a week but prior to that about 2 weeks ago I had a brown discharge. So now I've been taking ibuprofen just to try and stop the spotting. Could I be pregnant? I've been having headaches or migraines I'm tired all the time all I want to do is sleep... I just took a plan b pill yesterday 6/19/16 then had unprotected sex this morning 6/20/16 if I wasn't pregnant before is there a possibility now?