To explain a bit more:
Since you don't ovulate on the pill, is your period an accurate way to tell if you're not pregnant?
I've been taking monophasic birth control pills for maybe two years or so now.
I had sex without a condom back in September/October I believe.
I have had two periods since then. However, I've seen weight gain, and I've thrown up twice in the last two weeks. (first time was when I got home from work around 1am, second time was last night around 3am, it woke me up).
I have never been this sick before and I always feel fine, and then out of nowhere I feel terrible and throw up. I'm super worried.
I've never missed a pill, the latest I've taken a pill in the last three months was maybe 10-20 minutes after the expected time.
However, on Nov 1st, we had a time change, and I took my pill at my usual time (8PM), without accounting for the fact that we moved an hour.
Does this sound bad? Looking for some advice. Anything helps.