This is my first time taking any sort of hormonal contraceptive. I was told I could start the pill right when I got them or wait til Sunday to start. I decided to go with the first option and at that point I was on the 3rd day of my period (on a Wednesday).

Usually my periods last 7 to 9 days max but it's the 10th day and my period shows no signs of stopping. It's usually quite strong the first 3 days and the next 3 are average. However I usually know when it's about to end because it's very weak during the last 2 days but now my flow is as if I was on the 4th day of my period.

Did my period restart? I don't understand how there's still so much blood left after a full week of having my period. This period was actually quite heavy as well.

I also realized after some research that I might find it to be a good idea to have a "Sunday start" to try and avoid weekend periods, since that's when I see my boyfriend and he lives quite far. After I finish all the active pills (21 pink pills) in this current pack, would it be alright if I only took 3 placebo pills (white sugar pills) instead of 7 and start my new pack on a Sunday?