I have been taking Birth control pills since past 2months and completed my second pack of 21-days pills. Towards the end of this second pack, I missed the 20th pill on wednesday and didn't remember to take it until next night. So I skipped the 21st pill too on thursday and considered my placebo week since my 20th pill day, i.e. from wednesday to next tuesday. This changed my cycle(though remembering the days doesn't concern me much, because already my pill cycle wasn't from monday, like it usually is for mostly everyone).
Now my third pack is to be started from tomorrow, i.e. wednesday according to changed cycle after the placebo week. I'll also be sexually active during this pack. I wanted to know if I can extend my current pack with the last pack's 2 left out pills? That is, can I take a total of 23 active pills in the third pack? If yes, then should I take it towards the beginning or the end of third pack? And also, did I mistake in my second pack by shortening my active pills to 19days, if I correctly kept the 7-day placebo pills gap between that and the new pack?
A prompt reply will be appreciated, as I'm due to start my new pack tomorrow, according to the new cycle created.