... then switched to the pill azurette for one month because sprintec gave me severe mood swings. After one month on azurette I stopped taking it at the end of the pack to give my body a break from the hormones. I had a natural period and decided to start taking the pills again because I will be sexually active again. I started my new pack on the first day of my period and I had unprotected sex 6 days into the new pack of pills. I know if you start the pack on the day you start your period you are immediately protected. But the day of the unprotected sex I had taken the pill 5 hours late. The day after the unprotected sex I took my pill but I totally spaced it the next two days after that. I know I have a chance of being pregnant and it really is no big deal if I am. My question is for ladies who have gotten pregnant by missing pills AFTER unprotected sex. How common is it? I want to make up the missed pills but if I am pregnant, I do not want to harm my baby. So please tell me your stories if you got pregnant this way! I appreciate all the info and help. :)