I'm on my first month of taking TriNessa birth control pills (Inorgestimate and Ethinyl Estradiol tablets) and I'm concerned about their effectiveness. I'm 20 and this is the first time I've taken birth control pills. I made the mistake of starting them the day after I got my last period, which was probably a bit too soon but I was confused with the directions given by my doctor (who said I could start taking them anytime after I get my period, so I took them the day after in order to start on a Sunday). Since I started taking them, I've gotten occasional slight dizziness and nausea. It also took me some time to get used to taking them every day. I originally started taking them at 8 pm each night but switched it to 10 pm because I remember better at that time of day. I haven't missed a pill yet, but I did have some trouble taking them consistently at the same exact time. I once took a pill about 4 hours late. I haven't had sex since I've been on these pills, but I know I will be sexually active during my second pack. I'm currently on my period week. It's Thursday and I still haven't gotten my period, but I've read that some people don't get a period for the first month. I suppose my main concern is that I want to make sure that if I do take these pills at the same time each day when I'm on my second pack that I'll be protected despite my rocky start with the first month. I do intend to be consistent with it now. Any insight into this would be great!