So my period usually comes on the 22nd of every month. My wedding is on the 22nd of July the same day of my period. So i went to the doctor to get my bc pills as I have pcos as well. I mentioned to her that I wanted to change my period date. It was in June and she gave me the 21 days pills. She told me to start in on the 10 of June until the 30th, and from the 1st of July i will get my period which will be from the 7 days off the pills. It's my 4rth day now and still didn't get my period yet. My breasts hurt and I'm having slight cramps. I'm thinking maybe this cycle I won't get my period but I'm afraid the next period will be around my wedding or honeymoon. Now if my period skips this month, the next month will come on the planned date or the old date ?? Thank you