I'm 21 years old and my periods usually last a month and a half so my Dr. told me that my symptoms sounded like PCOS and put me on birth control and told me to start the pack as soon as my period started. When my period first started it was extremely heavy to the point where I was wearing the overnight heavy pads and still had to change them between 30 mins to an hour. I was taking the pill regularly and It started to simmer down and was manageably heavy and after a few days it became light, but never stopped. I've been taking my birth control schedulely, and i accidently missed two days, which made my flow heavy again. I only have two white pills left and I'm still having a heavy period and I know the last week of pills is supposed to be the week to get a period. I'm scared that after I finish with the white pills my period will be extremely heavy again. To be honest, I don't really want to take the pill but my doctor is reducing it to being my only option without giving me any exams. What should I do? Having a heavy period prohibits me from my normal activities to the point where I've had to call out of work because it was too heavy and I didn't want any accidents. The pill takes too long to regulate and I'm engaged and I do want children in my near future. Are there any other options?