I've been on birth control since I was in seventh grade because my periods were always pretty bad. Well I've been sexually active for 2 years now. I have always taken my birth control every day at the same time. (I'm very afraid of becoming pregnant) Since I've been on birth control my periods have been pretty regular, I track my periods with an app on my phone. It projects your start date based on the 28 day rule but you adjust it to your own; after several months of using the app it was always right. So in dec I started on the 6th. Then I never started in January and I was suppose to start yesterday for February and I haven't yet. Almost two months of missed periods after several years of have a very regular period along with birth control. I have taken 5 HPTs. All negative. I don't know what's going on. Since January I've lost 7lbs. I've been hungry but often I see food and I don't want it. I've had some minor cramps. Ive had some pretty gruesome headaches and the other day I peed on myself, but I didn't been have to pee that bad. I've never been a gassy person but lately that has changed. My bowels have changed also. Am I freakin myself out over nothing? Can birthcontrol cause HPTs to be negative? What is wrong with my body!? Please help!