So on Friday (the 19th) I will be going in for birth control, I'm having trouble deciding which one to choose. About a year and a half ago I was on the pill the only problem was I have trouble remembering to take my cranberry vitamins everyday let alone taking a pill every day at the same time so I stopped. So the pill is out of the question, but I'm stuck between the patch or the shot. I'm leaning towards the patch because my sister uses it, she has it on her arm, however I tan easily so back and arm are definately not a good ideas. I was thinking my "cheeks" but I'm still not sure quite yet. I have some questions about it, like I know it's not safe to even consider sex without a condom but sometimes it happens to the most responsible women, I'm just wondering if other women have had experiences like this and never worried? Do they fall off your butt easy? I'm just looking for some honest feed back