I took loestrin 24 fe for a long time until they switched to minastrin 24 fe. I stopped taking my birth control on a Friday and it has not been a full week since I've been off and I still have not received my period or any signs that it is coming. In the past, I have accidentally missed one day and the next day when I had to take two to make up for it, I would experience cramping and possible period stains when going to the bathroom. Hence my question, is it strange that I have still not received my period 5 days after completely stopping the intake of my birth control pills? My initial reaction was that my hormones might be all out of wack, but now after a couple more days, I've been starting to worry about any other serious problems I might be having that I don't know about. I do not plan on taking this birth control anymore either, if that helps with any sort of answer to be given.