I'm not sexually active although I do mess around with my boyfriend like grinding naked. I've been on birth control for almost 1 month. I found out I had a cyst in my ovary so the gynecologist prescribed me birth control to see if the cyst dissolves before surgery. I'm a little worried I've never had sex but like I said I mess around with my boyfriend he's never ejaculated inside or near me. From my understanding my period was suppose regulate while being on birth control but I haven't gotten it oven never been a week in a half late the most 5 or 4 days. Could I be pregnant and does taking the pill almost an hr later 4 times this month mean anything? And I started the pill a week in half after my period my first pill was Jan 21. Could I be pregnant like my bf grindes super close to me could his wetness get me pregnant. I'm so confused and worried please help.