So I just need some reasurance I guess. I am on Lutera birth control pills and i take them everyday at the same time ( I have an alarm for it in the morning and everything). I have never missed a pill and ive been on it for about 8 months I believe. A little over a week ago I had unptotected sex 4 days in a row with my boyfriend. 2 of the time were on the last 2 days of my placebo week, the other 2 were in the first 2 days of the new pack. I started the new pack like normal. I am now half way into my second week of active pills and i noticed that my nipples are a little sensitive and erect sometimes. Could this be because of the hormones? or possibly because i have started running more lately and working out almost everyday again. Ive been a little moody but thats just normal for me. My anxiety gets the better of me and i just cant stop thinking about pregnancy.