I have been consistent on gildess fe 1/20 for a year. i have never had nausea on this pill even when i was inconsistent, forgot a pill, or had to take two in a day. my last period was normal, last time i had sex was one day before my period started. A week later or so i had some nausea on and off, lightheartedness, diarrhea, and golden brown stool. i also have had cramps and breast tenderness but this is quite frequent for me and i normally have this a week or two after my period ends. i have high anxiety so of course my mind went to pregnancy. but could the diarrhea, lightheadedness and golden stool be pointing to a stomach bug or something like that instead? thanks in advance, my anxiety has been driving my absolutely crazy over this and ive been getting headaches, not sure if this is contributing to this. just worried because ive never ever had nausea on this pill even when i stopped taking it for a while before i met my boyfriend and became sexually active