So I have a slight dilemma. About a week ago I had sex and we didn't use a condom (believe me that's never happening again). Mind you, I've been taking the pill for about 3 years now and I've only ever missed one dose (over a year ago). Because I'm such a paranoid freak, I went to a pharmacy and explained what happened to the pharmacist. They gave me the morning after pill and advised me to take it within 12 hours which I did (I took it around 5 hours after sex). Now since the middle of last week I've been having discharge that's either clear or white but has no odour. I'm also stressing that something's gone wrong and I could still fall pregnant. My period isn't due for around another 4 days. I'll also add that I've never been in this situation before and this is why I'm stressing out so much. Should I still be worried about any of these concerns?