Hello everyone, my girlfriend and I always use spermicidal condoms and she has been on birth control for 4 years and always takes it(to my knowledge) without missing. last night was the first night we had not used a condom for the first portion of the night, no ejaculation inside or at least as far as I felt I did not ejaculate, anyways we then switched to using our regular spermicidal condoms for awhile and before she was satisfied she wanted to do it without a condom, so we did. Again no ejaculation as far as I could feel, but when I felt as though I was getting somewhat close I pulled out on both occasions. She is now worries that something may happen and wants to get plan b this morning, after looking at some other sites and similar questions it seems this could have some hormonal side effects. Now I want her to not be worried but it seems getting her plan b this morning will be the only way to ease her worries. Not sure what to do.