I have been taking reclipsen for about ten months now and it has been working fine for me however. The Friday before last, so about a week and a half ago I got my wisdom teeth taken out and they have me 7 days of antibiotics. Prior to this I had gone to the doctor who proscribed we the birth control to discuss the affects of the surgery and medication. She gave me some paperwork and on the paper work she had said I would be safe by Tuesday, today. However I realized that she though I only had five days of antibiotics, and would have been done with them last Tuesday. When I actually finished Thursday, meaning I wont be safe again till Thursday, because its a week after i finish the antibiotics. However it was a little late for me to realize this, so what I wondering is if I should go take a morning after pill or not? and if it is safe to take both my regular pill and the morning after at the same time? My husband went and got a morning after pill but I don't want to take it until I know for sure.