I've been on birth control for about a year now and I take them always at the same time and I don't miss them. My boyfriend and I have had sex multiple times a week every week this past month. Even though I'm on birth control he still pulls out just for an extra precaution. He has never came inside of me. This week I'm on the inactive pills and I usually get my period the 3rd day and it's now the 6th (basically 7th as I'm writing this at 12:56 am) and I still have not had my period. I know statistically getting pregnant from precum while taking birth control is pretty close to impossible but I'm pretty freaked out about my missed period considering how much sex I've been having. I'm also underweight and have lost 4lbs this month alone so I'm thinking it maybe could be the weight loss on top of me being underweight as it is??? I'm just really worried