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Hi There,

I am 22 years old and have been on sronyx birth control since I was about 17. I am usually good about taking my pills however about a 2 weeks ago (5/19) I missed taking my birth control and began bleeding on Sunday 5/24. I did take one or 2 pills and it slowed the bleeding but then on Tuesday 5/26 I got very sick with the flu and stopped taking my pill because I was still bleeding and thought since I messed up my pack so much this must be my period and I will wait for it to stop then begin my new pack. I have been heavily bleeding since then and I am not sure if it is my period or break through bleeding... if I were on track for period, I technically would have it a week from today. Anyways I had sex with my boyfriend last night (while I was bleeding) and he did ejaculate inside of me. I do think I need emergency contraceptive and took 5 white pills because according to sryonx birth control, I can use remaining pills as EC... the dosage is 5 white pills then 5 white pills 12 hours. I able to pick up my birth control today, I am just confused how should I take it, when do I take it, what is the best EC option for me? Please help I am just confused about what to do next.