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Ive been on birth control (lutera) for a week & 4 days and my bf came in me should I do plan b?

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kaismama 9 Sep 2013

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Why would you take plan B? You are protected by the lutera.

cristybp 9 Sep 2013

Even if I've only been on the pill for a week & 4 days?

DzooBaby 9 Sep 2013

NO, NO, and again NO!!! You DO NOT need Plan b when you are on birth control pills!!! Birth control pills, when taken correctly are about 98-99.9% effective at preventing pregnancy. Plan b is only about 80% effective (but why would you need it if you were already 99.9% protected??? ) Lutera prevents you from ovulating. No egg means no baby no matter how many sperm are present!! The ONLY reasons to use condoms after the first seven days of the Pill is to prevent STDs, or if you miss a pill and need back up, or as back up when you take antibiotics. If you are taking the Pill correctly then they are only for STD protection, not contraception! I dont know why all you girls think Plan b is some magical preparation that totally prevents women from getting pregnant!! Birth control pills are FAR superior to Plan b! free discount card

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