i was on the depo shot i just got this once and after the three months and about three weeks to a month before it was due to be inaffective i started bleeding it was light and spotty most of the time then meduim for about two day and stopped all together it lasted about 5 6 days maybe i had thought it just wore off early and i was getting my period so about a month or so latter my doctor started me back on jolivette which iv been on before and had no side effects really then while on the birth control i noticed my period never came and i had alot of symptoms nipples hurting cravings back pain ect... then my period never came in april and its may i should of got it yesterday and once again it didnt come i begain to think i was pregnant because of the no period and symptoma and my doctor did two blood tests and i did two hpt but all negitive results idk whats going on could the birth control have mad my period stop i also since march when i was bleeing havnt had Any signs of my peiod showing up im wondering if its pregnacy and its to early to detect it or i have low hormons so it cant read as positive im very confused