i got the inserted 2 weeks ago, on one of the last days of my menstral cycle, i also had sex that same day and once more a few days later. i havnt had sex since becasue i am terrified im pregnant, ive never been so i dont know what to expect. Heres why maybe a few days ago, i started to get bad stomach pain a few minutes after i finished eating almost like a burning feeling. today i actually forced myself to puke after i ate because it was so uncomfortable, i instantly felt better. i took a pregnacy test it was negative, they also tested me before i got it put in , also negative. so the only way i would have gotten pregnant is once out of the two times in the last two weeks, do symptoms come on that fast??? obviously i got this put in to prevent pregnancy so i am kinda freaking out!! I also have really sore breasts and they are starting to feel a tiny bit more firm. Has anyone experianced this after getting implanon?? i also feel as though im gaiing weight / im always hungrey!!! someone help like i said i never had implanon and ive never been prego. ALSO i dont know if it matters but implanon is first birth control i have ever been on beside the pill for one month then i stopped.