... is there a vitamin or some sort of medication i can take to avoid this?

im 22 years old
7 months ago i went my first birth control, which was yaz. figured it would work great for me! have symptoms of pmdd. i have adhd regularly and tend to have anxiety on a regular basis. i read some awful reviews which got me scared, didnt notice any side effects but those tv commericals gave me nightmares.after that month i went on ortho tricyclen low for about maybe 3 months. gained crazy weight, always made me hungry and my moods were not improving. actually, i hated this pill. i then went on femicon fe and i actually kinda liked it. the mood side effects were bare-able because maybe i thought it was just a normal woman thing. thinking back... i dont think that was very normal for me to have irrational behavior like that before my period. during my check up i told my doctor that i eventually want to switch to something different because i tend to forget to take my pill because im always so busy. didnt expect to try it so soon, but now im on the neuva ring. ( thought maybe it was a bad idea to take all these different pills in such a small amount of time) anyways, im supposed to get my period the 19th ( its the 12th) and i feel awful! i feel like im going to vomit. i have obsessive compulsive scary thoughts, i keep thinking my boyfriend is cheating on me, my boobs hurt so bad.

although i know SOME of these side effects are normal, i seriously dont know what to do anymore. my moods are effecting my life. even though i sort have always been this way, taking the pill has made me worse!
should i go back on yaz? is there a vitamin that can possibly help? HELP!