... have been for a little over a year now. Last month I had unprotected sex before my period but he pulled out before ejacualting. Just a side note I typically start my period on the Tuesday of my sugar pills. Well I did but it was very light and only lasted till that Thursday. Five days after i ended I had protected sex. It has been a week since then and I started having bright red spotting and I am not due to have my period till the week of the 14th. I’m not sure if this bleeding is just extra that never came out during my last period and since I had sex it caused me to bleed. But it has been a week since I have had sex. So does any one have any sort of idea what may be going on. Could I be pregnant? I am just not sure because my breasts do not hurt. But I have cramps along with the bright red spotting. Sorry this is all over the place I am just freaking out and am just looking for some type of answer