So I've been taking my birth control, pretty much everyday... but it's never at the same time. I just started dating someone I've been talking to, so it never mattered.

Now I have a boyfriend. He came in town March 7th and we went out of town so we were intimate that weekend. I took a plan b on the 9th. After that we were... consistent... 9th-12th and the 16th-20th. I've still been taking my birth control everyday... not so much at the same time.

We haven't used any other barrier besides that. I'm on my third pill of the last week on my birth control, and my period usually comes on the 2nd day of the last week.

I had slight cramps two days ago, but NOTHING !

I keep hearing "it could be stress", which I know, but my cycle is pretty consistent.

ALSO! He was on antibiotics..could that affect me somehow? As in antibiotics affecting his sperm..and such? Sorry I don't mean to be graphic, just freaking out!!