So I've been on and off Trinessa for the past year, but the past few months I've been trying to take it consistently. With in the last 6 weeks I've had 3 periods. My boyfriend and I decided we wanted a baby so I stopped taking my birth control during my last period which started on the the 19th of June and ended on the 24th. We had sex on the 26th in which he did not ejaculate inside me. Only 8 days after the first day of my period. It that time I shouldn't have ovulated yet but I'm questioning if it is possible I could have ovulated sooner due to my irregular periods from the b.c? The reason why I am so stressed over the fact is because my breasts became tender the morning of the 30th and have stayed tender to this day which is already the 6th. But the problem is i found out he had cheated on me so I drank a little too much Monday night the 29th and slept with a friend who also did not ejaculate inside me. I've done some research and usually breasts tenderness doesn't occur until a few days after conception. So I'm wondering is it possible I ovulated early around 8 or 10 days after the first day of my last period making it possible I got pregnant by my boyfriend which made my breasts tender by the 30th? Or is it more likely I ovulated on the 29th when I slept with my friend making him the father?