... been late getting the shot and all I've had to do is a UA pregnancy test get the negative results and I get my shot and that's that. I scheduled my appointment for my shot on a friday instead of the monday prior which would be 12 weeks to the day I received my last shot Nursing said it was fine no other details unfortunately I had to reschedule that appointment for the following Monday again nursing said fine. I figured I would have to do a test and thats it. Well turns out Dr. was concerned. that if i have had recent unprotected sex i would have to wait 2 weeks to get my shot or get my shot and take safyral 2 pills that day and 2 pills 12 hours later . Which is what I chose. If I had to wait because of my schedule there would be a good chance I would have to reschedule a few times which would leave me without birth control for who knows how long..The 2nd dose of safytal has me in bed sick after vomiting and feeling nauseous most the day. Can doing this hurt me and how long will i feel like this?