I take my BC pill at 8PM every day. I am currently on my off week. I will start my next pack of pills on Monday. Daylight savings is at 2AM tonight. So when I take my BC on monday, it will have been a week since I took my last BC pill, plus the extra hour. So when I take it at 8pm monday, it'll actually be 9pm to my body. My boyfriend comes home in two weeks. I do not want to take any chances. Should I take my pill at 7PM so I can avoid any problems? I want to be fully protected. I have taken BC pills for about 5 months. But it's just freaking me out because it's my off week and the time is changing. I know that one hour isn't that big of a deal, but since my boyfriend and I plan on having sex and I usually take pills at the exact minute, I am freaking out a bit.
Thank you.