I've been taking Aubra for about four months now and the first two months were smooth sailing. I took the pills everyday at the right time. My Planned Parenthood doctor also suggested that I could skip the placebo pills if I wanted to skip periods so I've always been ignoring the placebo pills and taking the active pills regularly. On the third month, I started having breakthrough bleeding for three whole weeks but I took my active pills consistently. It stopped for about three days into my fourth pack and started again, this time with really thick dark brown spotting. I would get blood clots and abdominal pain but the leakage is never too much to soak anything more than the thinnest panty liner.

I know I'm not pregnant so that's not my concern, but this is the second time I've been having this dark brown spotting for three weeks in a row! Today marks my fourth week with this annoying spotting. Is this normal? When will it ever stop, if at all?