I started birth control May 30th, and had sex a week later but he always pulls out, and he has never came inside of me. I was told after about a week that I should be okay. A little TMI here, but we are always doing sexual stuff like oral sex, and he always ejaculates. My friend just graduated from medical school, and told me that it takes 3 days fora sperm to mature enough to fertilize an egg, and me and my bf never go more than a day without being sexual. I am supposed to start June 22nd, but also told that birth control can delay it, or even skip this month. My periods have never been normal, even before I had sex/started BC, my periods were always late. I have already had my break through bleeding about a week and a half ago. I have some back pain, cramping, and discharge, and I am extremely emotional. I was told those are normal side effects of birth control. I get very paranoid easily that I could be pregnant. :( We went two months with just the risky pull out method and I never got pregnant. I just need an answer. Should I be okay?