I was on Loestrin 24 for years and loved it because it really helped with my ultra-heavy periods (I was losing more than 9 oz of blood a month) without having any noticeable side effects. When my campus pharmacy lost their contract with Loestrin and I couldn't afford it anymore, my doctor switched me to Gildess and had me buy an extra pack every 7 months so I could stay on the 24 day routine, which she felt was necessary to deal with my heavy, painful natural cycle. I still was fine. Now, though, my pharmacy has switched me to Junel and I've noticed I'm really dry. I don't have any other symptoms, so I don't think I have an infection, but the dryness began a few weeks after I started the new routine and nothing else has changed. Could Junel be causing it even though I had no side effects on Loestrin or Gildess?