I have been on Tri Previfem for about 11 months ago. I got off my period this Sunday (which is also the day I needed to start a new pack). This past Sunday morning (the day I started a new pack) I had sex with my partner with a spermicidal condom and there was a mishap and the condom broke. My boyfriend noticed the broken condom when he pulled out and then ejaculated afterwards. I began my new pack of pills right afterwards (4 hours later than usual). I am very worried about pre-ejaculate. I am on birth control so I originally thought that I was safe, but then began thinking that I was at risk because I had just gone a week without hormones for my period week (placebo pills). I took Plan B on Wednesday (a little over 72 hours later). Now, I am worried because I was taking penicillin a few weeks ago for a surgery I had had prior to my period. Could this have affected the effectiveness during my period/placebo week? I am so worried, I have not been able to eat or sleep for days. It seems like nobody can give me a straight answer of whether or not I will be okay.