I am a concerned boyfriend, my girlfriend was ill starting December 7th and had diarrhea from the 7th at night till the 9th. She had continued taking her pills as normal for those days, we had unprotected sex on december 13th no ejaculation occurred that night, the last time ejaculation had occurred was on december 12th at night, i urinated multiple times from the last ejaculation the night before. She then has had her "period" /"breakthrough bleeding" since December 14th and is still bleeding today. What are the chances pregnancy should occur she is currently in the second week of her pack she started her pack on december 4th, her last period started on November 22nd and lasted until november 29th. her bleeding hasn't been coinciding with the inactive pills. I am just concerned because i wasn't aware that diarrhea earlier in the week would of made the birth control less effective, i just would like some idea of the chances of pregnancy are.