I have been taking Lomedia Fe for about 6 months now. Last month, my period came right on the inactive pill days. I take a pill every day, per my doctor. No waiting. However, one day I went on a trip and forgot my bc. It was too late to call it in, so I missed it that night and took two the next day. 6 days later, I had unprotected sex with my man. Another time, more recently, I was about an hour late and we had unprotected sex again. This month has been stressful, getting back in shape and I had a yeast infection/bladder issues, which I'm treating. That said, I have several 'symptoms' that could just as easily be attributed to early pregnancy--fatigue, bladder issues, etc. I'm 5 days into my active pills of the new pack and feel crampy/emotional, but no period yet.

Could I be pregnant? Or is this just stress related? Even being on birth control for a year, my period hasn't been regular (i.e. happening on the inactive pills)--except last month, so not sure..Please help!