I've been on hormonal birth control pills, monophasic and combined. Marlissa 0.15mg/0.03mg. I started taking these October 2013. Starting April 2014, I had my first ever anxiety attack, and I had my worst anxiety attacks all throughout that year. Last year, 2015, I was much better after some self help, but I still have them every few weeks. I have no family history of mental health disorders (other than my grandmother's dementia, if you count that). I had never experienced anxiety until 2014, I was 18. I have been on these pills constantly, with one change in dosage late 2013. I started my pills for my severely painful and long cramps, however my birth control has only shortened my period a day and is only slightly less painful (another issue I'm sure). I've never missed a pill.

Is this crazy? I feel like I'm placing false blame onto my birth control just because they happened around the same time. I was hoping for someone with some expertise or a similar situation to comment. My doctor says she's willing to change my dose but I'm not sure what that would do.

Thank you