I have been on birth control for 10 years. At the first of Janurary I had to go on antibotics (cipro). I had an period in Janurary so I'm assuming my pills was still working. And in February I messed up on my pills first time ever. I messed up on my pills in February 19, the ones u take the week before your period (active). I took all the pills just finished a day early( I took 2 pills the same day), but I finished all the active pills. And took 2 or so of the inactive pills(sugar pill). And on February 26 had a period. And in march assuming I ovulated it would have been around march 12, I had unprotected sex on the 11. It is getting time for my period. I went to the dr she said I couldn't be pregnant and I switched to the depo right off my birth control pills. Ok there is no way I can be pregnant ( never missed a pill just a little mess up I took all active pills.and also switching from the birth control to depo I should be covered for having unprotected sex right?