I'm 20 years old and I suffer from food induced migraines, usually with an aura, mostly from foods with high levels of MSG. My ob/gyn put me on my first ever form of birth control this afternoon, Lo-Loestrin Fe, and I was reading through the pamphlet and it said not to take if you have migraines with aura. I'm not set to start it until next week, I think. I also read reviews and most women seem displeased with the product. My first question is this - if my migraines are induced by foods from which I try to steer clear, will I be safe on this birth control? And second, is it even worth it to start this particular pill? I know I want to be on the pill, but my doctor didn't exactly go over it with me, and she didn't ask about the migraines. No one I've spoken to really has any info on Lo-Loestrin Fe, but I want to get started on birth control as soon as I can. It'd be great if someone had answers.