So I have been on birth control for around 5-6 months now. My first month was the normal chaotic weird period month and then the next 2 months were fine. Then last month about a week before my period I started bleeding (not heavy, but decently heavy) and then when I started my sugar pills it was heavy for 1-2 days then stopped. This month, I started my period 4 days before my sugar pills and it was a lot lighter and not a lot of blood. It stopped last night and I just took my first sugar pill this morning. I take my pills at the EXACT same day and never have missed one. I have only been late in taking one by 2 hours ONCE in the last month. Is this normal? I can't be pregnant right? I am sexually active, but if the pill is taken at the same time every day, isn't it 99.9% effective? Can you give me some insight into this? I'm kind of worried.

Thanks so much.