Okay so I'm 17 and I just began the pill two(?) weeks ago. previously to the pill I had my period twice last month, and then after my second period ended I started the pill around November 1st. I took the pill on time for all the three weeks, but on Sunday I took the pill 7 hours late because I forgot about it while I was at work. I took it on time the very next day and today. Also, after the first week, my period came immediatley and it's still going on even now. my boyfriend and I had sex around an hour or two ago, and for the first time we were protected and the condom did not break. the second time, right after the first, he went to pee and then we used a new condom. we had sex again but this time the condom broke but I was too late and we realized after he ejaculated inside of me. I immediatley scooped out most of the cum inside of me and tried to remove most of it. Should I buy plan B later today? I am still on my period and still taking birth control and have been for around two weeks. Should I be scared that I might be pregnant? thank you