I'm 30 years old, married (so, sexually active) and have been on birth control for nearly a decade, but on Alesse for only 2 years. Previous to Alesse I was on Tri-Cylin Lo and was having terrible mood swings, in-between period bleeds and sore breasts nearly constantly, so my doctor switched me to something with a steadier hormone dosage. Since then I haven't had any problems.

My periods/withdrawal bleeds are like clockwork. Every Wednesday night I get a headache and cramping. Then Thursday my period starts. Yesterday, (Wednesday, Dec 16) I started spotting, just a light pink on the toilet paper, barely noticeable, then I started getting cramps. Further into the evening I got a terrible headache. It was like my period was starting, except I'm only into my second week of pills and just finished my last period on Dec 5th. But, today I woke up to what I would call a full blown period/withdrawal bleed. I needed a tampon and there are clots/tissue along with a pretty substantial flow and sore cramping.

Like I said, this is literally 14 days before I'm due to get my next period and only 2 weeks after my last period. I've not missed any pills. Saturday I took my pill 4 hours later than normal, but other than that I've been good about taking my pill every night at the same time when my reminder goes off on my phone.

I'm pretty sure the cause of all this is stress - my grandmother went into the hospital Dec 4th and died Dec 6th, combine the emotional and physical strain of that with trying to get ready for Christmas a week earlier than normal because my step kids are going away during their winter break - and I've been more stressed than I knew was possible. So I'm chalking my early period up to that. But is that the right move? Should I see a doctor or handle this myself? And should I stop taking my pills and just let my period just go or keep taking my pills? The internet is a scary place... I'm reading everything from cancer, to miscarriage, to pregnancy or worse. I think I know my body pretty well and I don't think it's any of those things, but *shrugs*.

I've had small breakthrough bleeding before, but nothing like this so I'm not sure what I should do...

Thanks for any help!