Started the pill (Aviane) at the beginning of May (2013) and didn't really like it so I stopped after I finished the pack. I had unprotected intercourse after I had been on the pill for 1 week as recommended by my doctor and last had unprotected sex on the last day of the last active pill back towards the end of May. But didn't start a new pack after the 7 days of placebo pills.

I had what I think was a period 3-4 days into the placebo pill week. The 'period' lasted about a week; with 2-4 days heavy bleeding, the rest were medium to light bleeding. If we count discharge days it was longer than a week. After that pill period, I've gone 43 days without a period. My normal cycle before the will was between 33-36 days. I've gone up to 40 days but only once some 2 years ago (I track my cycle).

Took 2 home pregnancy tests and both were negative. Could I still be pregnant? I know most women who have had delays in their periods being regular would have been on the pill for years. I was only on it for 1 pack/month.

I'm not really suffering any symptoms of pregnancy except what I think is very very light nausea on random days, not consistently or maybe I'm just paranoid. And that's really all I can say in terms of symptoms.

Thanks for your help